Hi, there!

My name is Faiz Ichsan Jaya or you can call me Faiz for short. I'm a Front End Developer and an aspiring UX Designer from Indonesia. I am interested in psychology, design, coding, and accessibility.

The name Fukuo comes from Fukuoka — Japan's 6th largest city. I decided to choose this username because it’s short and rather easy to remember and it's been a part of my identity on the internet.

I currently work at SoftwareSeni as a Front End Developer and I code (for fun), read, and draw in my free time to relieve my stress. My career started when I discovered the Tumblr theme community where I make free pre-build Tumblr themes for public use when I was 13 years old so it’s been a while since I’ve been into web design and development.

Areas of expertise

Front End Development

  • User Interface Design

  • Visual Design

  • Illustration